Our Story

Meet the founders

Our personal love for food started when we met in hgih school and started to cook unique food for one another, sharing family recipes that go back generations.

This food is a true homage to our parents and royal Punjabi ancestry which hails from a time when Punjab’s land and rivers were not yet split across borders.

What results is a lovely mélange of street food and illustrious recipes that will take you on a journey from Lahore in the north of Punjab to Chetiar in the south.

In our passion for bringing this incredible cuisine to you, we started Punjab as a takeaway store in 2014. Today, it has expanded to sit-down restaurants and continues to grow and develop.

We are passionate about fresh, organic and aromatic ingredients that permeate Punjabi cooking and evoke the warm hospitality of the Punjabi people. Punjab is big on health – all curries, kebabs and tandoori dishes are freshly prepared and are gluten and sugar free.

We offer high-quality free-range chicken and grass-fed lamb dishes, as well as a wide array of vegetarian and vegan options. Most importantly, all of our food is served with integrity, passion and purpose.

That’s our promise to you!

We also want to thank our beautiful children – Sukhmani, Janya and Gurveer for understanding our passion and walking with us on this beautiful journey.

We are grateful to our patrons for their continued support and being part of the extended Punjab family!

The Singhs